As the title suggests, this page has our positive press contained herein.

“A really exciting sound from a lean, stripped down outfit”
BBC Radio 2

“Just like the first time you heard the White Stripes…a dirty, rocking slab of blues that betters anything they’ve done before. Their past was promising, their future could well be golden. All hail the Black Knights”
BBC Manchester Introducing

XFM X-Posure

“Making a big noise in the best possible way”
BBC Introducing

“…some of the dirtiest blues-grunge riffs heard this century. Think Robert Johnson if he had access to Tony Iommi’s Black Sabbath guitar rig…gutteral, stripped down, sinister and sexy.”
Sandman Magazine

“…one of the songs of the year, LA Hayfever. Their self description of ‘raw, energetic trash-blues’ couldn’t sum their music up any better. Think a dirtier, grittier White Stripes fused with early Kings of Leon and you’re about halfway there.”
guestlist 9 for 09 feature

“A bluesy slice of primal rock n roll, somewhere between the jon spencer blues explosion & a possessed Jack White on guitar…

“Impressively skilled, slightly incongruous and a bit threatening – what more do you need from a rock’n’roll band?”
Manchester Music

“Hypnotic and malevolent… a maelstrom of wondrous noise…Great songs too. If these lads aren’t signed up by a major soon then we might as well all pack up and go home. It’s not even a question of justice- it’s a necessity; the music world needs The Black Knights. The end.”

‘”Rock stars are gods that are beamed down to a show before disappearing into the night to live lives of privilege mixed in with a little depravity.” As the pristine white suited front man approached the stage his words rang though my ears…sussed cool you see in The Strokes combined with the absolute Britishness of tearing up the rule book and shouting at the world…A faultless performance, tight as a drum with an energetic style unlike a lot of the bands in Manchester. You must see this band, they will become your new favourite’

“Stripped to the bone, garaged up and beaten black and blue”
Losing Today

“Igniting all kinds of debauched emotions, The Black Knights create a rare breed of grungy, garage blues that’ll make your nosebleed. Comparisons will be made with The White Stripes but these guys are far more destructive, sexy and uncensored…Brilliantly confused and tremendously exciting.”
Sandman Magazine

“Think The White Stripes meets The Clash”
Toxic Pete

“Bold and brassy, the music demands attention and grabs you by the short and curlies … and refuses to let go! The guitar work is extremely accomplished, while Gary Hope’s vocals are suitably sinister and sexy in equal measure. There’s a hint of The Black Keys and Queens of the Stone Age here as well, but that’s no bad thing.”
Selby Times

‘Pure, unreconstructed blues rock, this had us reaching for Spinal Tap’s 11 on the volume control after the first few bars. This is rough and ready blues rock in the style of Black Keys or a more self-indulgent White Stripes.
It sounds like it was recorded live in one take, the singer locked in a cupboard three rooms away because his vocals are so raw, the guitarist with a cigarette wedged in the neck of the guitar and half drunk bottles of JD littering the monitors.
The guitar, so rough it scratches paint, is mostly riff based noodling like Black Keys but sometimes throws in a Hendrix style break just to keep you interested.
Of course, there’s only so much of this kind of full bore rock you can take, so the final appeal is that it’s short — five tracks and 20 minutes.’

Congleton Chronicle

Manchester Evening News/CityLife


Archant Group

Burton Mail

Bolton News



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