Flyers & Anecdotes

…easily overlooked and dismissed in the digital maw, but there’s a lot to said for a good flyer, be it digital or print.
Think of this of a digital shrine/graveyard for flyers we have from some of our shows, along with any important/funny/mad etc stories to go with them (memory permitting) .

19th September 2009 – Birthday Party @ The Ruby Lounge:

19th Sept Birthday Party

…one of those nights where it goes wrong massively and you have to accept certain immolation…

We were halfway through our set (main support for The Hot Melts) and it was going well – then some uneartly noise started emitting from my amp on ‘Dim Mak’, temporarily defeaning Thomas (really) – he left the stage twice (at that point I didn’t know about the deafness)..he came back on and then he couldn’t hear anything in the monitors as we attempted ‘Shame You Don’t Know’, swiftly followed by my mic stand collapsing, then a string breakage on the guitar..I had to release a bestial roar at this point as we approached meltdown…

We felt like a coupla fucking Nero’s fiddling away whilst Rome burnt around us and called it a night when Thomas left the stage for the third and final time, poleaxed by imbalance caused by the mild tinnitus in his ears…

Ironically, people loved it.

11th July 2009 – The Canteen @ Abode:
The Canteenjul11

In what will be a running theme in our flyers, all is not as it seems. The Unstoppable Team had in fact split up just days before the show. Inevitably, somebody chipped in with ‘turns out they weren’t that Unstoppable after all’. Mass hilarity ensueth.
A stupidly balmy night, we didn’t take to the stage til post-midnight playing to (amongst others) a highly inebriated chick who’d destroyed her chin falling off a bike and a semi-comatose chap who occasionally exploded in paroxysms of voodoo dance   – our kind of people.

3rd July 2009 – The Vipers Last Ever Show @ Cafe Saki:

Eventful this one. The Vipers last ever show took place at Cafe Saki, Rusholme. They had a monster set planned, involving members past and present and we were defo going to make the lineup no matter what, to send off one of the best bands we’ve had the pleasure of being on bills with.
Firstly, Tom was out of the country – so it become a solo spot. Then the pistons in my car exploded through the engine on the M56 en-route. I had to get the RAC out, where I was towed to Trafford Park.
Electing to dive into a cab I made my way to Saki, arriving just in time to catch Medicine Bow and smash out a set, which even included an impromptu appearance from Kyle (The Vipers drummer) on ‘Roots’.
The Vipers delivered a fitting set and then We. All. Got. Ruined. Epically. at the aftershow shindig.

Definitely one of the better days.

12th June 2009 – Lissy Trullie @ The Ruby Lounge:

This show never actually took place, due to Lissy’s bassist doing himself a massive mischief…it led to a number of UK dates being canned. Nice flyer though.

23rd May 2009 – Big Red @ The Castle, Oldham:

This gig was the final leg in a trio of shows we co-billed with The Vipers and Hard Luck Child (these too have since disbanded…)
A good time was had by all, and I was marveling at the sight of the cigarette machine that vended at £7 for 16 cigs.

The previous show in Stalybridge was also a source of bizarreness. The promoter completely seeing his arse over the fact that a band had brought their own drums, then ignored us all bar the opening band (a scarily talented bunch of kids 11-16 years old) who went on to play for an hour…

He told the kids that us and The Vipers could ‘fuck off and wait’.

A charming dude, he topped it off by having a Red Hand of Ulster stitched into his stonewashed denim jacket.
Further inspection of the place in this context revealed it wasn’t the most welcoming of places.

He ain’t our friend palooka….

Likelihood of a return? 0%

2nd May 2009 – The Vipers Album Launch @ Cafe Saki:

Our first time at Saki this one. During load in Kyle politely requested that I be careful with his drums this time (turned out that the cymbal I booted off at the Club Cavaral show we did at The Bowling Green wasn’t ours….whoops).
Another great night followed with top unintelligible Geordie types (especially after x pints) Nuclear Dick, Hard Luck Child, and Surf/Glam/Grunge noisebasts The Witches also providing sterling support.
If you like yer music relentless and loud, fight heaven and earth to acquire ‘The Boys on The Burning Deck’ – it’s fucking great.

Notable sight? The shish bar in the adjacent building complete with uber-hot belly-dancer.

31st March 2009 – The Maybes & Club Smith (formerly The Hair) @ The Ruby Lounge:
Mar 31st

The Hair became Club Smith after this flyer was produced. It was a great show and even The Maybes? insistence on constantly singing and harmonising ALL THE TIME (Scousers y’see) didn’t detract from it being a top show 😉

27th March 2009 – Bojangles @ Remedy, Fallowfield:

Fallowfield was the place, Remedy was the can see a video here from the night of ‘Shame You Don’t Know’ taken by Jen Blair of Itchy Cat Designs. We were joined again by Silverclub, The Jannocks did a great set and The Score were pretty good but were literally only on stage for about 745.12654 seconds….

Highlights? The free booze and sandwiches. The excellent decking outside. And best of all witnessing the debate about payment between Silverclub’s manager and the promoter:

Manager: ‘You owe me money’
Promoter: ‘You brought nobody’
Manager: ‘Yes, but we have a contract, you owe me money’
Promoter: ‘Yes but you brought nobody’
Both: ‘Wanker

ad infinitum.

28th February 2009 – Playtime @ The Royal Oak, Chorlton:

We discovered this top night, after sharing a drunken rantological conversation with Joel outside of January’s  show at Abode. Fully rammed all night by people who were genuinely interested in the night as a whole, It was a pleasure to play.
The whole night was helped along by the persisting rumour that a certain member of the press had agreed to come down after having fellatio performed on him…whatever the truth, we ripped it a new one and Silverclub and Horse Guards Parade were also on form.

15th February 2009 – The Sunday Roast @ Sir Ralph Abercromby:
February 15th

Our experience of this short-lived night was notable for two reasons: Firstly, the hapless bastard who tried to move his gear from the stage whilst we were playing, and the subsequent verbal mauling he took from Tom and secondly, the oddball eccentricity of The Roman Empire, including a folked-up cover of the ‘Ghostbusters’ Theme.  Mad.

24th January 2009 – Friends of Manchester Festival @ Jabez Clegg:
FOM Festival 24th Jan 2009

A highly ambitious show and whilst brilliant for punters it was a fucking nightmare backstage trying to co-ordinate five stages…we were on the second stage, jumping on the bill at the very last minute after impressing at The Canteen the previous week.
Drumkits went missing and shows overran as we awaited the drumkit….we eventually delivered a pretty good anger-charged set, and then went on to mooch and mingle. Not bad gents.

17th January 2009 – The Canteen @ Abode:

First time of playing for Mark & Leon’s (96.2 The Revolution Radio / Long Live : Rock & Roll Bar / Radio Republic) night – and it was a beaut. Uncle Meat and The Highway Children were brilliant and mad in equal measure; no bad thing. We smashed out a raucous set despite my Whammy pedal finally giving up the ghost (it was being controlled with a screw for fuck sake). The 66 were putting in a good shift too, despite the singer getting heckled outrageously by a couple of people beyond the entrance.

8th January 2009  – The Ruby Lounge:
Jan 8th 2009
Not much to say about this show…someone did bring a madcap wooden box for
percussive reasons….

8th November 2008 – Club Cavaral Returns for one night only! @ The Bowling Green:

This was the first of many gigs with The Vipers. What started off as a potential damp squib of a night exploded through the rainy night…the place was rammed and rocking to one of the best lineups we’ve been a part of.
Along with us and The Vipers there were antipodean filth merchants The Kits (on the excellent Dirty Water Records), the raucous and now on hiatus The Dead School, and the sleazy Medicine Bow.
Fucking mint.


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