TBK in 2010…

The bell is tolling on 2010. It’s time to look back briefly!

The most important thing we did this year was recording and releasing our debut album Sickle Sell Saturday Night

We entered Giddy Whittles’ cave with the aim to make a fucking great album in the week we were there. We’re happy to say that the resulting 11-tracker realised those aims. We’re damn fucking proud of that album and the acclaim has been pretty much universal! Just the one lukewarm response, from a *cough* ‘leading’ Manc rag.

Our 4 day stay in Santander – great shows, great people, pretty fucking special. Massive thanks to Nathan & Isa for putting us up and entertaining us, to Ral for all the driving and drumming, The Pulsebeats for putting on a top show and EVERYBODY we met and hung out with whilst we were in that great place! Oh and respect for the Calimoxo!!!!

Playing some great, great shows – pick of the bunch were the shows with Band of Skulls, The Jim Jones Revue and our album launch show (opened by Kindest of Thieves) kindly put on by BBC Manchester Introducing – we will have the tracks from this soon as they get dug out from the Beeb archives!

We recognise the true fans, the crucial supporters, and always work hard to ensure that there’s a fuckload of rare, bonus extras that goes to these people.

We are eternally grateful to the people who look beyond the X-Factor method, the ‘i’ll chuck this in with my veg at the supermarket’ types and have opened their eyes to the direct-to-fan method.
Support your bands directly – cut out the middlemen pricks. If it’s good enough for Trent Reznor

It’s a better deal all round.

Right. 2011?
Well we have just had a top  recording session at Toast. So we will have new material coming in the early part of 2011 – we will work out the specifics, but they will be available to our true fans before anyone else! To make sure your at the head of the queue for all manner of rare, new and bonus stuff sign up to our monthly mailing list here!

We aim to keep the top shows coming – you may not see as much of us live next year – we had a few nasty experiences with some shows this year, and in light of the amount of success we’ve had with the higher level of other shows we have played, its only the best for us and our fans from now on!
The live circuit is full of ten-a-penny toss merchants but they don’t get the pleasure of a TBK show from now on.

We’ve already been taking a long hard look at ourselves and our situation, and some new plans are already underway! Watch this space.

Finally massive thanks to anybody who has written about us, filmed us, took our picture, talked about us/played us on the radio, interviewed us, shared us around the internet, bought our releases, came to our shows, shared a stage with us, booked us the decent shows we have played, backed us all the way, and fuck it – generally embraced the voodoo trash blues revolution!

We appreciate it to the very depths of our souls.


The Dark Reverend Gary L Hope & Thomas Richard Pickford III


~ by tbkband on December 27, 2010.

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