Session at Toast Recordings!

We’re still in the process of pushing our debut album ‘Sickle Sell Saturday Night’ and had no other plans on the table…until Chris from Toast Recordings got in touch offering to work with us!

So we went down.

Toast is a GREAT setup and Chris is very good at what he does – we were in on the 13th and 14th and got two new tracks down ‘Midnight in the Mausoleum’ and another track with a working title of ‘Freakshowblues’ – I say working title because Tom is doing his customary ‘that title is shit’ schtick – we’ll knock our heads together then to finalise that….

It was a decent brain-melting, cabin fever session – between us we came up with an entirely new mid section for ‘Midnight…’ and the other track was about a week old, with stuff being changed on the spot…factor in the non-cooperation of our vocal fx pedal and some oddness from the desk and we were ready to swing for each other! Hahahaha

Good experience though because we usually have 98% of stuff meticulously worked out before heading in to the studio – spending days in there at vast expense is not an option for us!

The tracks will be mixed over the next couple of weeks so watch this space.

Also we should have a little something else coming soon!
Finally, I’ll leave you with our spanking new visually appealing biog– text is great and all but this is the shit.


~ by tbkband on December 16, 2010.

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