El Caballeros Negro aplastar Santander! – Part 1

I can’t tell you how much better the Spanish translation of ‘The Black Knights’ is.



Our trip to Santander couldn’t have gone any better – notwithstanding the cattlemarket farce that Ryanair was on the way there anyhow…

First we met up with our host for the trip, Senor Nathan Whittle, of The Vipers (who will be playing a one-off reunion show at Islington Mill, Salford on November 13th) and now of The Pulsebeats – many, many thanks to Nathan and Isa for putting us up for the duration.


We then hit the bars and calimoto was the drink of choice – I’ve long been expressing the virtues of this superb drink (consisting of half a glass of red wine, topped up with cola) – gets you nicely pissed with no hangover.

The thing you’ll find with Santander is that it’s a fucking great rock and roll town – the majority of bars have a great jukebox – Vitore’s bar should come in for a special mention here!

Nathan and company had been hard at work for us – every corner we turned round was emblazoned with posters for our shows, and there was a fair bit of print press for us too!

So the first night was spent checking out the bars, Thomas almost creating an international incident when he was beaten at darts by Silvia – to be fair to him, I don’t think you are allowed to step within six inches of the board and ‘place’ the dart where it needs to be hahahha…

Actually, Silvia provided much mirth – primarily because of her stunning turn on the mic following The Pulsebeats winning a recent battle of the bands contest (and a cool three grand)…. If I can locate the video I’ll post it….. 🙂

Meanwhile I’m busy trading information on how to curse in our languages – time well spent…
I also happened upon a group who were enamoured with some Manchester bands – espousing the viryues of the Mondays, Durutti Column, Joy Division et al…crazy who you can run into.

It’s a great culture – finding yourself still up and out at 5.30am, drink in hand, with the temperature being 22 degrees at the end of October is no bad thing – the highlight of the ‘last drink’ (which actually happened three times) was a man whipping out a silver trumpet (not a euphemism) and blowing out some melodies to the main club’s music – superb.

The next day was spent largely lounging about, watching Fight Club, eating and checking out the harbour – Isa actually aggravated a back injury as she caught sight of Kiko (Ex Athletico Madrid footballer) being snapped by the ‘Rascals’ – statues of kids, to commemorate the cheeky basts who used to jump into the harbour to steal money thrown in there for luck!

Later, we were picked up by Ral (drummer in The Pulsebeats) as we headed over the rehearsal rooms to pick up the gear – Ral was a legend for the amount of driving he did – massive respect. Their rehearsal rooms are actually above a marketplace…

Loaded up, San Miguel in hand we head to the town of Torrelavega – the venue was Sala Arena and it was to be us and The Pulsebeats. We both put in great shows, despite Thomas having to start drumming IMMEDIATELY after consuming a massive pizza from Telepizza – true mirth to found watching the mutual intelligibility of the server and Tom.

This pic from the show is courtesy of Atlantico Norte:

Massive thanks to Luis for letting me use his Strat too!

One uber-important thing to note was that the atmosphere in the venue was amazing.

The UK Smoking ban has decimated the live scene – you don’t know how fucking good it is to see people stay in the venue the whole fucking night, getting right into the bands and generally having a ball – yeah the health risks are much publicised, but it doesn’t half make the live experience so much fucking better when they don’t have to traipse outside away from the entertainment all the time.

Even the chica who bawled ‘I DON’T UNDERSTAND YOU’ throughout the set, only added to the show, Tom replying in kind screaming ‘NO COMPRENDE!’

Once the gear was packed away we were out again, taking in yet another superb rock bar. It was Alex’s (Pulsebeats’ bassist) birthday and he was subjected to a glitter attack:

There is a winning formula in Cantabria – the venues and bars are slightly smaller, lending a better atmosphere all round – smashing in yet more calimoto helps too.
The people are great, and despite language barrier issues we’re all having a fucking ball, looking forward to our next show at Planeta..

Howard needs to speak with us….


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