Concocting our debut album / Eurocultured Festival

It may have appeared a bit quiet on all fronts recently but nothing could be further from the truth.

We’ve been locked in a cave with the semi-legendary Giddy Whittle relentlessly putting together our debut album.
The tracks are now all recorded and already we’re very fucking happy with what we’ve put together!

We’ve still got to mix the tracks, but that’ll be a good time; we’re going balls out to make the album fucking stunning.

We’ve got a load more stuff in the pipeline, including a little rockumentary so keep your eyes peeled.

On the live front, we smashed out a show at Eurocultured festival on the 31st May – useless fuck of a sound engineer and partial paralysis of the vocal effects box aside we knocked out a pretty good show – the place was fair rammed by the time we got on and lot of people we’re getting right into the mood of things…kudos.

We’ll be off to the graveyard later this week to get some more pics done. Excellent.

Keep spreading the word of The Black Knights voodoo trash blues miasma, my Disciples.

Viene Tormenta.


The Dark Reverend


~ by tbkband on June 16, 2010.

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