Sounds From The Other City – Salford Music Cooperative @ The Rovers Return, 2nd May 2010

Thank fuck for this show.

Our first ever appearance at SFTOC this was.
We were on the Salford Music Cooperative stage, set up as an answer to the perennial puzzle of

‘Why are there fuck all bands from Salford on at a festival set in Salford and primarily being about Sounds from said city of Salford?’

Why indeed?

This show was a blast from start to finish – we monstered our set, one of the best we have done and the other bands on the bill (Sandbox, Death To The Strange, Kingfishers Catch Fire, John Herring) were all on form.

This came through from the ever-present
‘If there’s some kind of party going on, then it would be disappointing not to be at least in earshot of THE BLACK KNIGHTS. This fringe styled festival this year sports its very own fringe – The ROVER’S RETURN is free entry and is curated by the SALFORD MUSIC CO-OPERATIVE ( who today fly the flag for Kingfishers Catch Fire, Sandbox and John Herring.

My appointment is with Gary Hope and his drumming friend. It’s worth it. Today the suit is purple and the cavalcade of rock and roll soul fire blues finds Hope as a relatively unrecognised, but possibly undisputed guitar hero and truly flamboyant talent. His distorted vocal lines and deep swooping blues verge on a Sabbath sized density, as those drums work perfectly and powerfully behind it all. Legends in their own right.’

There was a semi-confirmed rumour that John Hanley (supoib bassist of The Fall infamy) wanted to play bass for us on the back of our performance…hahahahha.


It wasn’t just the bands though.

In the starkest of fucking stark contrasts to our previous show, the place was packed with interesting & interested peeps from start to finish.

Characters the lot of them, and all committed to reversing this declining trend seen over the river.
Just set up somewhere else and fucking smash it.

It was great to speak to people who were genuinely enthused about what they were doing and why they were doing it.
It goes without saying but there’s literally too many to list! They know who they are though 🙂

As an aside, Everybody (and I mean every fucker) should get down to Helmets for Men at Islington Mill tomorrow (Saturday 8th may 2010) and be part of a fucking great thing.

The rise of Salford as a new power? Who knows; but they’ll give it a fucking good go.


The Dark Reverend.


~ by tbkband on May 7, 2010.

2 Responses to “Sounds From The Other City – Salford Music Cooperative @ The Rovers Return, 2nd May 2010”

  1. sounds like this music coop idea is a great thing. I’m trying to start one way up here in anchorage alaska. pretty much the same idea as most music coops around. we really need one up here.

    • Alaska? Fuck! Yeah, some co-ops can be utter balls, but this one has the right people behind it, the right bands, and quality control is a must – can’t deliver shit and expect rapture.
      Too often it can descend into complete severance and lack of perspective but if it all kicks off right, which it looks like it might – The Dark Reverend says just watch the naysayers come sniffing. A-fucking-Men.
      Let me know how you get on Lonny.

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