MAPS Festival @ Night & Day, 30th April 2010

So, the first of our May festival er…fest saw us at Night & Day cafe for MAPS. Late substitution to the bill saw The Witches come on board. This meant a Recreation Records sleaze one-two!
We battled through the pizza available downstairs (fuck knows how long it had been there, but hey).

Omens weren’t good on this one – we were definitely a little more fucked off than usual before we started playing – can’t really put me finger on why…
Nevertheless we grew into the set and delivered a beaut…

Good to see Andrew from 4Q Magazine on the door, and Andrew Chester (Recreation Records) was present and correct as well!

The Witches pummelled out a great set, and Doll & The Kicks duly obilged with a decent set too; overall we had a good night, mostly due to the number of excellent peeps we conversed with during the course of the night.

There was however a slight bad taste for me. MAPS is a great festival.

Promoted well.
Doesn’t cost the earth.
Top lineups.
The issue was that it’s a Manchester city centre festival and whilst the turnout was decent, it should have been more.

This isn’t a slight at the promoters; they were superb; more further proof of the decline in live music in Manchester.

For fucks sake, more people seemed to wanking each other off at the prospect of gawping at some famous man playing some records in a club than be a part of a new chapter in Manchester’s musical heritage.

Dire times indeed.
Try hard hipster cunts.

Par for the course.
Further disenfranchisement at the thought of playing Manchester city centre.

Rum and cigarettes ease the pain.


~ by tbkband on May 7, 2010.

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