The Black Knights, Alchemy & Trojan Horse @The Corner, Fallowfield, 15th March 2010

The Corner is a sleazy outpost bolted onto Trof in Fallowfield. It suited us right down to the ground.

The only thing I’m not entirely sure about is the chainlink pseudo-door in the toliet.

That directly leaves you in plain view of the entrance to the toilet area.

Very continental.

This is the view from the stage….special mention also to the headless and limbless mannequins that dominate the decor!

The place was rammed all night – which is a fucking notable achievement for a) a Monday night and b) live shows in general round these parts…it helped make it a superb night all round…

Trojan Horse kicked it all off…they have been on the same bill as us before but thay was a while back…anyone who has seen them will know that their set twists and turns through genres and styles…top start to the night.

Alchemy were up next…thanks again to Si from the band for putting the night on. They smashed out their set with aplomb, and it was good to get a viewing of them close up finally!

We closed the night with one of the best performances we’ve done..special mention to the sound engineer who was actaully doing his job throughout to keep the sound top notch.
I was trying out my new 70s Coloursound Wah (it was epic) and we had a fair number of new tracks in the set.

Most of the crowd were (as they generally tend to be these days) in rapture and some… er, just left.

Wouldn’t have it any other fucking way 🙂

Quality night.

Quality venue, if you like it sleazy.


The Dark Reverend Gary L Hope

PS: It’s looking like Eurocultured festival is our next show. More soon.


~ by tbkband on March 20, 2010.

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