Band of Skulls & The Black Knights @ The Ruby Lounge 9th February 2010

We had high expectations for this show and we weren’t disappointed. The pre-show drive was farcical, with EVERY road to the venue blocked. Cheers Manchester Council.

Once in, it turned out Band of Skulls’ guitarist and vocalist was partied out and missed the soundcheck – he’d passed out enroute!

Brilliantly, we also found we had left a box full of stuff from our previous show – including some copies of the limited edition Vinyl CD of our ‘Parade of Piranhas’ EP! These are like golddust!

The place was fucking rammed; good to see in a Manchester venue on a Tuesday night and the audience were riveted and rocking to us and Band of Skulls. We knocked out a revised set, including some new stuff to massive appreciation. Seriously, a magnificent crowd (though there’s always an exception/fly in the ointment – see later).

We sold out of our remaining EP’s – about 25 – following our set, which was excellent.

Best quote of the night: ‘I don’t like boys, but you gave me an erection’ from a guy who shall remain nameless!

Saw this on High Voltage about the show.
09.02 // Band of Skulls w/ The Black Knights – Ruby Lounge

‘The lead singer of the support band, The Black Knights, had unfortunately positioned one of his microphones at such an angle that he spent half of his set with his back to the crowd. This felt unscrupulously impersonal. Well, I didn’t care too much for that, so I tried facing the wrong way too, facing the crowd defiantly and pretending in vain to be oblivious of the band behind me. Didn’t work. (What did I expect it to achieve?) Just got lots of odd looks really.

Well fuck them, it was an odd crowd. Lots of them looked like they’d just come back from an afternoon with the Prendergasts watching their Willsy giving the Wolmondsey second XV a good boshing. ‘It was when Pongo got that second try that we really got the cane out of the cupboard and gave them a damn good thrashing. What’s that? Oh you want me to pass the plonk do you Mary? Right-o.’ I find myself getting disorientated easily these days, (was I actually in the right place?) maybe it was the smelly old guy in the Cicas passively rubbing his senility all over me. Either way, I moved away just to be sure.

Enter Band of Skulls. From the first song chords are banged out hard like someone using napalm to sauté a chicken fillet because they were worried about salmonella. Say through clenched teeth: ‘I wanna play some rock GOD DAMN PROPERLY.’ I do like a solo to melt my face off. (‘There are a lot of old people here, what drew them?’ I thought to myself). There’s no fannying around, it’s raw, perfunctory rock. (2-4-1 Tequila Sunrises for the over sixties?). I bet these guys use razor blades to slice oranges in the morning. In fact they probably just eat razor blades.

As an aside, something that pisses me off about bands like Metallica nowadays – ‘Hey thanks so much for coming, you’re all part of the Metallica family!’ What the fuck? I don’t want to be part of the ‘Metallica family’ – this is meant to be a thrash gig! I want my fucking face ripped off. Anyway, back to Band of Skulls, who do things properly.

Maybe I’m leading you astray, the show wasn’t all blood fire death by any means – the set was a well balanced mixture of hammer of Thor rock and sensitively crafted melodic ballads. They are another of those trios that seem to work so well off each other. One of the great things about seeing a band pull off a blinder is that not one of the many times you listen to them on record afterwards will compare to seeing them live, so you remember the gig. Anyway, enough gushing, over and out. This band is fucking awesome.’
Words by: Tom Sherriff


Band of Skulls did indeed play a great set, and the whole night was fucking supoib. I’d recommend that you get their debut album sharpish.

We also did an interview for Pulp Magazine lurking in the back corridors of the venue! I’m sure that will surface soon…

Thanks then to Jay Taylor of The Ruby Lounge, Rob Taylor & Ian Lawlor of Goldenvoice and of course, Band of Skulls for putting together a monster night.
It was good to see that there’s still a place for sleazy trash blues in people’s dark little hearts…

And now back to the grindstone, writing tracks for our debut album.



The Dark Reverend Gary L Hope


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