Recreation Records / Friends of Manchester Festival 2010


As revealed earlier by the medium of status-updating we have signed with Recreation Records. We are now stable mates with some fucking superb bands…Hong Kong Blood Opera, The Witches, My ComputerThe Captain and The Caveman, Bugs in Ember, Black Jackson

Plans are being concocted.

We descended on Friends of Manchester Festival on the 30th Jan…got to catch up with loads of cats we haven’t seen for a bit, see what was what…it all came off without being complete carnage so fuckin kudos.

We delivered our set after the witching hour and got to smash through some new material and our new twin-mic setup…unfortunately the stage appeared to get trashed, oddly just as we were finishing up…hmmm.

As always Cath A showing superhuman resources for manchestermusic wrote this:

‘Back at Kro the schedule has completely fallen over. Upstairs some band is taking about a month to soundcheck and as such lose most of the potential crowd, us included. Still, downstairs it seems that turning up an hour after The Black Knights’ listed time is about right for watching them. “Everyones watching some c***s” spits Gary Hope, and it’s hard to tell if he is pissed off about anything specific or just being his usual onstage borderline psychotic self. It’s true, the crowd’s depleted a bit – but then they tend to after 1am, and it’s also perishingly cold. Even stood, as I am, next to the radiator. With my hood up. Even his guitar sounds angry, which is all the more remarkable as it appears to be made entirely of pink glitter, as they thrash out violent helpings of bare-bones blues which culminate, not entirely unexpectedly, in the drums being kicked over.’

Nothing but respect and kudos for Cath & Y’see (I’ll keep it brief) Manchester has a massive moron fraternity..I took nothing but delight at one waster’s assertion that I ‘belong in the circus’..too fucking right I do Palooka. Watching him stagger off in piss-laden pants to stumble around to some genero-chimp-indie pretty much confirmed that the freakshow circus is the place I wanna be.

This also came in from High Voltage; cheers to Simon S Wright!

‘Well behind schedule and all the more anxious and bristly for it, The Black Knights take to the stage downstairs in Kro, while all the hipsters are over the road watching Chew Lips. More fool them. The Black Knights continue to be one of the most exciting live acts in the region. Coupled with a truly unique and aggressive style of blues, the duo are still brooding in the Manchester underbelly while lesser acts roam free in the glistening world of PR and manufactured image. They’re a rare breed of brilliance and finish a distinctly average festival with a bang.’

Finally, Cheers to Laura for the great pics.

On another note, we also met the real-life ‘Lucy The Castle’…after randomly sorting her out with a
I’d write more but I can’t be fucked.

Later my Disciples,

The Dark Reverend Gary L Hope


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