4Q Magazine show @ Night & Day – Saturday 9th January 2010

Keen as fuck to blow off the New Year cobwebs we dived into the breach for 4Q Magazine’s Fresh Meat show at Night & Day.
It’d been a while since we’ve played there and the wallet-rape for beer is still in full effect. Boo.

It was a very, very good night all round. Steph Grant got the ball rolling (minus a band member). Bugs In Ember were very good, first time I’d seen them and they didn’t disappoint.
Huddersfield-based Audit Control seemed to have brought half of Huddersfield to Manchester…literally a coachload of people arrived all at once, so by this point the venue was pretty fucking rocking…

Which is where we come in…we tore through the show, and it went well considering it was the first gig we used our secondary mic with effects pedal…I’m gonna be a fucking amazing tapdancer at this rate…
The crowd (which included the legion of Hudderfieldians who stuck around all night – kudos) we’re smack into it (bar one person hilariously) and the whole night was running wild.
Brilliantly, I was even asked for an autograph by one particularly impressed female. Ex.Cell.Ent.
We then did a v v short video spot for the 4Q mag….but hey we aren’t PR trained….can’t help what we say.

Turrentine Jones rounded off the night nicely…

Cheers to Leon from The Canteen for pointing us toward this bill in the first place! Worth it just to see him tripping his tits off (allegedly) to Funkademia shortly after. Niiiice.

All in all, cobwebs duly blown away; bring on Friends of Manchester festival (30th Jan – Jabez Clegg) and Band of Skulls (9th Feb – Ruby Lounge)

Amen my darklings.

The Dark Reverend Gary L Hope


~ by tbkband on January 11, 2010.

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