So we were gearing up for a night of spectatorship for FNF (Manchester’s finest sleaze night), when we get a text asking if we wanna play…
So we did.
Great night all round: Kid Voodoo delivering a slice of sleaze, whilst fuzz-merchants Brown Brougues also chipped in with a beaut.
There was free wine, a pished up fuck-up of a girl stumbling about, and great tunes – all wrapped up the the sleazy corner of Manchester known as Tiger Lounge (formerly owned by George Best).

We even thought it’d be a good time to preview a couple of new ones, namely a re-working of Saturday Night Succubi and out and out newbie Vampire Rave.

There was even the sighting of near-legend Ged Camera.

This live review from manchestermusic filtered through…

‘Gary Hope (above: vocals, guitar) and Thomas Pickford (drums) form the Black Knights and they are an aggressive aural assault of kick ass blues and, well, distortion. With their intensity and fervour, they could easily perform a better job of melting snow than the council.’

Excellent, my Disciples.


The Dark Reverend Gary L Hope


~ by tbkband on December 30, 2009.

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