TBK @ ITC – Day 3 – Tuesday 20th Oct 2009

After taking the Monday off to generally loiter and drink (taking in the excellent The Hidden Revolution @ Walkabout, being denied due to lack of delegates pass at Night & Day, visiting the Ruby Lounge, sticking my head in at BBC Introducing @ Moho, moving swiftly into the Rocksound showcase where I chanced upon the raucous Outcry Collective, then fucking right off home) we rolled up for our last show of ITC, SJM Concerts presents…

Painless soundcheck, and the night got to the off with Apples opening up…

we then smashed out probably the best set we’d done over ITC, finished strong…

After spending some time speaking to to all manner of peeps, it was time for NYC act Jessica 6 to take to the stage…let’s get it out right now, the vocalist was smokin’ hot, unbelievably so…brilliantly, Nomi Ruiz is a M-F transsexual, and has performed with Hercules and Love Affair (see Guardian Review here)

The night was taking a turn for the exotic…they put in a great set and we’re a friendly bunch to boot… We bumped into loads of people this night, Senor Rob Kerford of Sonic PR was a welcome meeting – fair play to him he stood and listened to us both put the world to rights.
For about 10 minutes.
Mark of a legend right there.

Special mention goes to George who’d caught our set at The Bay Horse and came back for more. Heroic.

Jon of mm.co.uk was also spotted (for the fourth night in a row!) and there were a host of others….
Plenty of tossers abounds too to be honest – lamentable dickheads who who seem to pop up like cockroaches from time to time…ah well.

And that was ITC 2009.

Onwards to the studio….


~ by tbkband on November 10, 2009.

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