TBK @ ITC – Day 2 – Sunday 18th Oct 2009

…still feeling a bit grim but dragged myself off the floor to head to Manchester’s Northern Quarter for our headlining show for The Country Club @ The Bay Horse..
sheer relief flowed over me as it became clear that Cheap Cuts were letting us use their drum shell – we were completely in the dark as to whether there would be a kit for us (given that our last one was razed to the ground in the now infamous Attic Electrical Fire episode).

The relief was tempered by the need to gnaw off my own arm at one of the bands set…fucking awful in a completely music college way…lifeless, soulless gash performed by performing chimps – i had a fantastical vision of dousing the stage area with cheap vodka and even cheaper whiskey and setting it all ablaze…

But I digress – the aforementioned Cheap Cuts put in a great set and related some pretty fucking funny tales to us afterward – they also had one of the best touring vans I’ve ever seen..

We took to the stage, and to be blunt I was fueled by the visions of wanting to destroy that lump of smegma masquerading as a band that I’d seen earlier…we tore into our set like maniacs, and we saw it was good.
Worth it just to see the quicksilver Cath A of manchestermusic.co.uk proclaim ‘That’s a fucking good band’ to anyone  who was or wasn’t listening before giving it legs to her next stop..
You can see the ridiculous amount of legwork Cath put in here…of us she said this:

The rest of Cath’s Sunday and why Manchester still matters:
The Black Knights are on the official ITC Unsigned list and deservedly so. And the purple-suited, sparkly eyelinered, Satanic goateed Gary L Hope is still one of the scariest frontmen you’ll encounter. His vocals are best described as, well, imagine if Prince and Jack White had a child (no, bear with me) only he was born in Salford and fucking pissed off about it. This is backed by dirty great motherfucker riffs, often thrashed out on the bass strings, and drumming that sounds like a fight. They’re always good live but they’re absolutely on fire tonight, Gary pushing his guitar deep into the amp while Tom Pickford batters seven shades of hell out of his minimal kit. The interaction between the two is compelling; with a tight two-man set-up such as this they fix on each other constantly, with looks that fall somewhere between encouraging and threatening. The Bay Horse of course has no PA, you play through amps, and this is exactly how The Black Knights should be heard, red raw.

They come offstage at 11pm. I’m due at Ruby Lounge at 11pm. Oh good, first sprint of the weekend. Which is bordering on an obstacle course, due to the proliferation of enormous tram-related roadworks in the short stretch between the venues. Run down the stairs just as the band come onstage, adrenaline still pumping from The Black Kinghts’ explosive finish. This is as much a part of ITC as the actual bands, that buzz of managing to get somewhere just in time.
It’s interesting to note that despite ITC’s national / international remit, the four best sets I have seen today – Run Toto Run, Air Cav, The Black Knights and The Switch – all came from Manchester. This is not some sort of misplaced civic pride: out in the wider world most of my favourite bands are actually not from round here. And neither is it any attempt to categorise a scene; the four bands have little in common musically. It’s just what happened today.’

Brilliantly, once the dust had settled on our show the uber-professional staff at the Bay Horse cleared everyone quick smart and got the venue sorted – it was a sight to behold.

Was also good to hear the ever-supportive BBC Manchester Introducing give us a spin and a decent plug beforehand and we met some top peeps including a gang of Glaswegians who’d come specifically for us and afew people who stopped in on the off-chance (note: heroes) and were blown away.

Another highlight was witnessing the absolute runaround one band were given, as they wanted payment (free entry gig btw), culminating in what appeared to be a cross town hike, probably to a venue they wouldn’t be allowed entry into without a delegates pass.

Ah music can be a cruel bitch.



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