TBK @ ITC – Day 1 – Saturday 17th Oct 2009

…as luck would fucking have it I was poleaxed by flu on the eve of it all….but grim determination overrides my more rational senses and I don the white suit and we head off to Hope Mill in Ancoats for Blowout In The Mill – our first show of the festival. After negotiating some fucking godawful roadworks and a couple of village imbeciles we arrive, catching the aroma of Mexican BBQ in the air…

It’s two floors up on an olde-worlde spiral staircase so thank fuck for the elevator that I then got stuck in for a bit – until the release lever was pointed out to me…special mention to the toilets, which we’re very french and de riguer with the men’s urinals directly opposite the ladies sit down effort, complete with non-locking door…

It’s goin well, the room is pretty smart, there’s load of people we’ve not seen for a bit, and some we have seen recently..bandwise, we chat with The Witches and The Second Floor, I speak with a top lad from Tigerside and I start to get over the illness…

Then some horrible twat walks in, and this prick is the antithesis of everything I hold…clearly an upper-middle class, parent baiting child of divorce, showered with guilt money and a misguided sense of the rebel…this opinion is formed over time – I’ve had the misfortune of being forced to share oxygen with this tit on  numerous occasions…he will remain nameless.

Anyway, driven by flu-twatting adrenaline and the desire to get a good start we take to the stage – it’s a bit hectic as it’s overrunning a bit, had to clear The Arch Nazards from the stage due to time confusion caused by the overrunning, had to give the amp a volume tweak mid first song, and I instantly feel 100% better.

Jon A from Manchester Music caught the set and said thus:

‘THE BLACK KNIGHTS are a shimmering duo, racketeering their sound with loose, rivet shaking suggestions of feedback and heavy, clattering rock n roll sentiments – this is like thunder on carnival ride, riddled with the blues and dark addictions . Gary is the black eyed preacher – he has the suit to prove it – stolen from angels (it’s white) and dipped in the blood of his disciples. This is very Archie Bronson and equally as effective.’

Thanks very much to Jon for that review (see the whole live ITC blog here) and cheers to the excellent response we drew from the crowd who were bang into it!

Special praise also for the guys behind the bar who kept me in free lemonade which undoubtedly kept me from dying a horrific death…

The Witches were battling some sound issues but put in a great set, even better considering one of the member almost died in the Guatemalaen jungle recently…

Given the nature of ITC we decided to start a prison style cigarette-based betting ring on numerous factors: people who would break promises made to us, number of twats we’d meet, number of top people we’d meet, number of people who would try damn hard to pretend to not know who we are, number of peeps with passes who held no sway and more…

Cheers to Graham and cohorts for putting on a great night and having us as part of it!

For day one we’d got a great start on all accounts as we thundered through the night…


~ by tbkband on October 22, 2009.

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