Meltdown in The Ruby Lounge…

…one of those nights where it goes wrong massively and you have to accept certain immolation…

We were halfway through our set (main support for The Hot Melts) and it was going well – then some uneartly noise started emitting from my amp on ‘Dim Mak’, temporarily defeaning Thomas (really) – he left the stage twice (at that point I didn’t know about the deafness)..he came back on and then he couldn’t hear anything in the monitors as we attempted ‘Shame You Don’t Know’, swiftly followed by my mic stand collapsing, then a string breakage on the guitar..I had to release a bestial roar at this point as we approached meltdown…

We felt like a coupla fucking Nero’s fiddling away whilst Rome burnt around us and called it a night when Thomas left the stage for the third and final time, poleaxed by imbalance caused by the mild tinnitus in his ears…

Ironically, people loved it.

We’re back in the dungeon getting straight for Friday’s return to The Ruby Lounge for our BBC Manchester Introducing show…


~ by tbkband on September 20, 2009.

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